The 4 sides of communication

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Why do we talk at cross purposes & what can we do about it?

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When it comes to communication between two people, speaking at cross-purposes appears to be the order of the day. Why is that and what can we do about it?


Objective & content

This online course will explore interpersonal communication skills in more detail and to learn more about their communication style, and work on its optimisation.

First, I will introduce Prof. Schulz von Thun’s “The Square of Communication” as a framework to explore the phenomenon of “talking at cross purposes” using an example from everyday office life. According to his model, every message between a sender and a receiver – intentionally or unintentionally – has four facets, four sides, four layers:

  • The objective-content-layer: The information the sender gives out.
  • The self-revealing-layer: What the sender gives away about themself.
  • The relationship-layer: What the sender thinks of the receiver and how they stand to each other.
  • The appeal-layer: What the sender wants the receiver to do.

After this regulatory framework has been set up, we will address these questions:

  • Cultural awareness: Which communication layer is preferred by which country?
  • How does the “blind spot” of one’s personality affect our communication style?
  • How does personality development affect our communication style?
  • How is the interplay between personality-specific, society-specific, and gender-specific influences?

The course includes two self-tests:

  1. Which channel do I primarily use to receive messages?
  2. What are the attention spots and the blind spots of my personality?

Target group

In general: Every person who enjoys exploring interpersonal communication skills in more detail, to learn more about their communication style, and work on its optimisation.

In particular: Executive staff and project managers feeling responsible for the optimisation of internal communication in their area of responsibility.

Content overview

  • The playback time of the videos stored is approx. 30 minutes.
  • I hope I have succeeded in making the knowledge transfer in the videos as compressed as possible so as not to waste your valuable time with unnecessarily bloated videos. It is therefore advisable to watch the videos more than once.
  • The reading time of the stored readings is approx. 45 minutes at normal reading speed.
  • The added value of this course for you depends significantly on the fact that you complete the assigned tasks.
  • You will receive a certificate of participation.

Overview of the lessons

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