E.A.G.L.E. – Business-Coaching-and-Consulting approach – Phase 3: Realisation

Phase 3: Realisation

At the end of this phase, the project is successfully implemented. During this phase, you will have one main contact who will assist in managing the processes and will provide objective reports to you on where the project currently stands, its progress and what (if any) corrections are necessary.

E. - Execution of the solution
Enough talk, now it's time to act!

Whether large or small, every change causes scepticism among employees because they perceive any uncertainty about their future as a risk. This typically leads to denial, and they pretend that the change is not happening. When they realise that change is happening and it will directly affect them, this can easily lead to a blockade attitude and to resistance: “I won’t accept this”.

We have limited this risk because of the preliminary work: not only do the employees know where to go and how, but you have also been able to inspire the people concerned to take the path with you.

So, what else can go wrong?

A lot!

Because, unfortunately, we often forget that the old routines are still in place and the new ones are not yet established. Everyday life also has many surprises and interruptions in store for you and your staff.

This often leads to the implementation not going as planned, stagnating, or even not progressing at all.

As an external interim Co-CEO, I ensure that the developed solution is implemented sustainably.

Since the initiated measures can also have unforeseeable effects on other areas, sometimes with a time lag, I will always keep a watchful eye.

  • As an external observer, I can focus on steering without being distracted by the daily running of the business.
  • I can swiftly intervene should there be any deviations from the plan and influence compliance without jeopardising future internal cooperation.
  • As business coaches and trainers, my team and I have a variety of tools and skills to encourage and engage the people concerned.
If needed, I am available as an “Interim Co-CEO” – independently and actively driving forward the to-do list that has been compiled. The result: a clear sense of relief for the company management.

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