E.A.G.L.E. – Business-Coaching-and-Consulting approach – Phase 2: Solution

Phase 2: Solution

At the end of this phase, the measures & (sub-) projects, the responsible persons and the time schedule are adopted. The adopted solution is not generic but is bespoke to your company because it has been developed by the concerned employees themselves!

G. oal setting and L. inking up of staff
Everyone knows what needs to be done and by when!

I generally assume that your employees have the necessary expertise, but that they do not know how to contribute their knowledge in a solution-oriented way.

Therefore, in developing the solution, I will support you by incorporating your employees’ existing knowledge and spark their creativity to generate new solution-focused approaches.

This saves your budget and ensures that your employees perceive themselves as an important part of the solution.

To assist in this step, I will introduce your employees to insights on how humans feel, think and act.

The individual, whether in an executive position or not, thereby recognises their own contribution to the current situation and is shown alternatives – without being paraded or having to go through a nerve-wracking “therapy” session!

If the knowledge of your employees is insufficient, we will identify and bring in the required external expertise. My own areas of expertise include customer/sales management, financial and risk management as well as (sales) controlling.

In addition to my own expertise, I draw on the extensive skills of my cooperation partners.

Furthermore, it is of real added value to record and visualise the processes together with the employees.

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