Too involved in day-to-day business? Is nothing happening without you?

We will reveal the hidden, ineffective activities in your company. Your employees will be actively involved and empowered to become contented creators.

Poor profitability? We will set up efficient and profitable processes with clear role expectations. You will know exactly what you should tackle if times get tougher.

Kourosh Ghaffari, your
CEO - Sparring Partner | Interim Co-CEO

✓ Hidden-Interactions-Identifier

✓ Efficient-Processes-Coordinator

✓ Human-Factor-Appreciator

Quotes from a multicultural client company

Does entrepreneurial thinking and action come up short in your working hours?

Many companies have an irrational approach to the human factor and to interdepartmental and complex decisions. In order to pass on these experiences, I launched gbcc in 2011.

I will support you with the three phases of my E.A.G.L.E. approach to solve complex problems that go across departmental boundaries and responsibilities, and that concerns both organisational measures and interpersonal interactions.

The question to be answered is:

  • How did your current situation arise?
  • Which factors maintain it?
  • What options are available to you?

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About me

  • From start-ups to medium-sized businesses to large multinationals: As a banker and investment banker, I gained over 25 years of consulting experience in financial issues and in B2B customer and sales management.
  • Later, through my work as the managing director with overall responsibility for a wholesale and logistics company, I became more aware of certain issues that are inherent to owner-managed and family-owned companies.
  • Since 2011 I have been working as a self-employed management consultant equipped with the “inner attitude” of a business coach! What do I mean by that?

In developing the solution, I will support you by incorporating your employees’ existing knowledge and spark their creativity to generate new solution-focused approaches.

This saves your budget and ensures that your employees perceive themselves as an important part of the solution.

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