Philosophy – gbcc, Kourosh Ghaffari

Knowing ignorance

I believe in challenging the status quo and finding new ways to find new answers, because if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.

For successful leadership, it is not enough to agree that you want to everyone to go from A to B together. It is necessary to also agree on the purpose(s) for achieve B.

A company is a complex structure of interactions. A stagnation is usually only a symptom and has its causes elsewhere. Every solution to a problem has long-distance effects. A sustainable solution requires the analysis of the true cause and the consideration of the long-distance effects and interactions.

A company is an association of people with all their emotions, egoisms, and quirks. The purely analytical and objective consideration of issues is therefore a simplification that will not lead to the desired success:

A solution without including the “human factor” is simply wasted time and money.

Talking of human factor, a solution which comes from the outside (e.g., from a consultant) is usually met with resistance from the employees concerned.

The implementation of the solution will only be successful if the employees are integrated into it.

For this, it is usually necessary to help the employees and their superiors to achieve a mindset that is conducive to the goal: the employees are the experts in their own matters and the development of the solution is their job. The managers are “only” further internal service providers for the staff and support them in implementing the solution.

Coaching, counselling, or training are only a collection of tools for achieving their goals. Using one tool does not lead to the desired result. The goals can only be achieved through using all of the tools available and using them well.

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