Target group – gbcc, Kourosh Ghaffari

Target group

My service as a sparring partner is especially tailored to the one person who (currently or in the future) is responsible for the overall company and its strategy.

This can be the entrepreneur themself, the successor, the CEO, but also the main shareholder of the company.

This ensures that the common thread is not lost when dealing with problems and that interdepartmental interactions can be taken into account.

Industry expertise

In commercial banking, I looked after and advised medium-sized companies for many years: from regional providers to international hidden champions, from manufacturing to trade and services, and from €5 million to €200 million in annual turnover. The industry focus was on the IT sector and mechanical engineering.

As the managing director of a company in the wholesale and logistics sector, we supplied goods and services to medium-sized companies and large corporations. Our customers from the publishing industry were a focal point.

As the person responsible for the German business of a Japanese banking group with German corporations, we accompanied and supported Dax companies worldwide. The main sectors were the automotive industry and energy supply.

As an investment banker, I advised and supported financial institutions for many years. The industry focus was on insurance companies.

Over the years, I have advised and supported companies from a wide range of industries and I can easily familiarise myself with new industries within a very short time. But, in my opinion, companies are particularly successful when they break away from the idea of belonging to an industry and the associated “best practice”.

Instead, seeking customer-centric solutions in other sectors, and thus sharpening the unique selling proposition, is an attitude that I am very happy to support.

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