Case study 2: Hidden cause of the deadlock

Illustrative case study 2

The problem:

Generational change is imminent with family conflicts hindering entrepreneurial decisions.

What has happened:

The transitional position of the successor was determined, the restructuring of ownership was initiated, and tax optimisation issues were discussed.

The results of the diagnosis:

There was a blending of private and professional roles which ensured that family conflicts hindered entrepreneurial decisions. In addition, the questions “Can I really let go and hand over? What has to happen first so that I can let go?” as well as “Am I sitting here as a successor because I want to or because it is expected of me?” had not yet been answered.

What solution was implemented:

During one-on-one conversations, the views of the predecessor and the successor were discussed.

In joint discussions, the different roles that were to be blended were worked out individually, and the current situation was examined from the perspective of the respective role.

The required skills and abilities of the “managing partner” position had been worked out together and compared with the existing competencies of the successor.

A to-do list for the transition phase was adopted.

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